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Friday, December 8, 2023

The phenomenon of franchising restaurants and food outlets in Latin America is growing rapidly

Marcel Portmann CFE, an associate partner at FranLaunch USA, has had the advantage of working with franchises that have been growing in Latin America since the 1990s. He will be showcasing the F&B franchising trends to watch out for in the region, as well as perspectives from three companies taking on the area. As a global franchising executive, he has had the pleasure of living and working in multiple countries. I’ve noticed that the regulations and policies surrounding franchising in Latin America vary from country to country; there is not a single common rule that applies everywhere in the region. Cross-border franchising in Latin America is a complex journey due to the wide range of geographical, cultural, commercial, regulatory, and economic conditions. The big business names have spread throughout the area with a mix of victory and difficulty. When considering Latin American food and drink franchises, two noticeable movements are evident when examining smaller and more localized businesses. These establishments are very thoughtful concerning the dimensions and array of their franchisee sites. Furthermore, they have been adapting to their circumstances and altering them accordingly. The success of a restaurant business depends greatly on a number of factors, such as the cost of individual items it sells, the location it is situated in, the people living in the area, and the day-to-day operations. It is unquestionable that different countries and different markets have varying conditions. Additionally, operators of Latin American restaurants and fast food businesses endured the identical impediments as many other nations as the world struggled through the current health emergency and had to adjust their operations, including introducing delivery and drive-through services. Although the pandemic has had a huge effect, F&B franchise owners have been experimenting with adapting their format for some time.


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